Create Startup /shutdown script in HP UX :- How to??

Startup and shut down script has 3 parts

1.Original script in /sbin/init.d

2.Configuratiopn file for the script in /etc/rc.config.d
  (configuration variables in /etc/rc.config.d to change the behavior of scripts in   

3.Symlink file for the scripts under /sbin/rc*.d/

How to enable startup/shutdown scripts

Step1 : First place the script under the directory /sbin/init.d/

Step2 : Then create a sym link to the script file

Start a service : ln -s /sbin/init.d/ur_script  /sbin/rc3.d/S900urscript.rc

stop a service : ln -s /sbin/init.d/ur_script  /sbin/rc3.d/K900Ur_script.rc

3. Place the configuration file under /etc/rc.config.d with required variables (optional)
For Examble : CRON service

/sbin/init.d/cron -->  execution script
/etc/rc.config.d/cron -->  configuration file
/sbin/rc2.d/S730cron -->  start sequence symbolic link
/sbin/rc1.d/K270cron -->  kill sequence symbolic link


  1. great! finally someone explained it clearly. thank you sir!


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