Restoring Exchange 2007 - step by step procedure

Restoring Exchange 2007 - step by step
  1. Exchange Management ConsoleLaunch the Exchange Management Console by navigating to Start > All programs > Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 > Exchange Management Console.
  2. Expand Server Configuration from the left pane and select Mailbox.
  3. Right-click each database listed in the middle pane individually and select Dismount Database.

    Mailbox Database Properties
  4. Once the databases have been dismounted, right-click each database individually and select Properties and then check This database can be overwritten by a restore.

  5. BackupAssist restoreLaunch BackupAssist and click Restore in the navigation bar.

  6. Click Imaging engine restore. Windows Server Backup will then launch.
  7. Imaging engine restoreClick Recover under the Actions pane.

  8. Once the Recovery Wizard has launched, select "This server", and then click Next.
  9. Select date of backupSelect the date from the calendar and the time from the drop-down list of the backup you want to restore from. If you are recovering from this computer and the backup you select is stored on a removable media drive, you will be prompted to insert the relevant media.
    Then click Next.

  10. When asked what you would like to recover, choose the option for Applications, and click Next.
  11. Exchange recovery wizardUnder Applications, highlight "Exchange", and then click Next.

  12. Under Recovery destination, select Original location, and then click Next.
  13. Review the details, and click Recover to restore your Exchange Server.
  14. You can then view the status of the recovery operation and whether or not it was successfully completed.
  15. Mount mailbox databasesOnce recovery operation completes successfully, return to the Exchange Management Console (step 1) and mount each of the restored databases by right-clicking each one individually and selecting Mount Database.


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