HP unix Interview Questions and answer : Part 1

1)how to find recently added lun in hp unix box ? 

#ls -lrt /dev/disk/* 


#ls -ltr /dev/dsk/*

then take the latest dated disk path and check th lun path

#inq |grep -i "c?t?d?"

if you got /dev/disk/c?t?d? then get the legacy path and tehn check for lun path

#ioscan  -m dsf /dev/disk/c?t?d?
#inq |grep -i "c?t?d?"

2)how to create user and to be ask change passwd at login 

After created the user acc and password run the below command

#passwd -f user1

3)how to check routing table? 

# cat /etc/rc.config.d/netconf


#netstat -rn

4)how to check the mac address? 


USe the above command to get the MAC address.

5)how to identify patches which are related to oracle or sap patches? 

Answer need to find: ??

6)how to change kernel parameter in 11.11 and 11.31

in 11.31

#kctune parameter=value

before change the value check whether this parameter change required reboot or not 

$kctune -v parameter

in 11.31

#kmtune parameter=value 



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