Rename VG & LVOL in HP UX

Rename VG in HP UX

1.Unmount the FS in that VG

  #umount /mountpoint

2.Export the VG

  #vgexport -s -v -m /tmp/ /dev/vgname

3.#mkdir /dev/newvgname
  #mknod /dev/newvgname/group c 64 "minor no"

4.Import the VG now

  #vgimport -s -v -m /tmp/ /dev/newvgname

5.Vgchange -a y newvgname

6.vgcfgbackup newvgname

7.Edit the /etc/fstab and change the mount point to new VG name.

8. # mount -a

Rename a Lvol in HP UX

1. #umount /

2. #mv /dev/vgxx/ /dev/vgxx/

   #mv /dev/vgxx/r /dev/vgxx/r

3. Modify the /etc/fstab file to reflect the newname.

4. #mount /dev/vgxx/ /
  #mount -a


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