Power path installation on hp-ux for load balancing

To install power path :
#swinstall -x autoreboot=true -x mount_all_filesystems=false -s /tmp/EMCPower.HP.4.1.0.tar EMCpower

#emcpreg -install   (#Enter registration key)

#powermt config

#powermt set policy=so dev=all

# powermt display

 Run powervadm list to confirm unique volume group naming and storage elements do not belong to any other PPVG volume group on the host.

#powervadm list

 To create VG & lvol :
#powervg create -vg oracle10g -se c22t0d0 c22t0d1 c22t0d2 –continue

#powervol create -vg oracle10g -vol ora100gbr5v08 -ua -se c24t1d0

To view volume group information

#powervadm [list|show]

#powervadm show -tab

To view information about a specific volume group
#powervg [list|show] –vg volumename –vol

#powervg [list|show] –vg volumename –se

The -vol and the -se arguments are mutually exclusive.

Backup metadata
#powervmeta backup -vg oracle10g -f /tmp/oracle10g_metadata.81390

Destory Volumes and Volume Groups run the following commands

#powervol destroy –vg oracle10g –vol ora22gbr1v01

#powervg destroy –vg oracle10g


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