SCLI Command And HBA link status check ?

How to check HBA card status or Link?

# grep -i "loop state" /proc/scsi/qla2xxx/"HBA adapter no"

O/P will be like,

[root@serverA qla2xxx]# grep -i "loop state" /proc/scsi/qla2xxx/5 
Host adapter:loop state = , flags = 0x45a03 
[root@serverA qla2xxx]# 


Use the systool command

#systool -c scsi_host -v | grep state

SCLI Command to manage HBA status:

You can use SCLI command to check the info about HBA card and also you can diagnose your HBA card on server. SCLI menu will be like below 

[root@serverA ~]# scli

Scanning QLogic FC HBA(s) and devices ...            /

        SANsurfer FC HBA CLI

        v1.06.16 Build 28

    Main Menu

    1:  Display System Information
    2:  Display HBA Settings
    3:  Display HBA Information
    4:  Display Device List
    5:  Display LUN List
    6:  Target Persistent Binding
    7:  Selective LUNs
    8:  Driver Settings
    9:  Flash Beacon
   10:  Diagnostics
   11:  Statistics
   12:  Help
   13:  Quit

        Enter Selection:

2. Display the current LUN count:

# scli -t

3. Send the rescan command and check the LUN count update:

# echo "- - -" > /sys/class/scsi_host/host2/scan
# scli –t

# echo “- - -“ > /sys/class/scsi_host/host3/scan
# scli –t

4. Display the LUN details:

# scli –l 0

# scli –l 1


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