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Hi Folks,

I would like to share few original guides , which is useful for system admins.
The Guides lists are below ,


1. Redhat Cluster suite - Original Guide
2. Redhat Performance Tunning Original Guide
3. XEN- Virtualization  Guide.


1. HP SNA 1 and SNA 2 - Original basic HPUX Guide
2. Service Guard cluster - Guide
3.Ignite UX Setup - Quick start Guide

You can get this guides at your mail box freely....For that you need to do the below steps only...

1. Go to the site -
2. Type ur mail id in subscription Box and subscribe the mail update.
3. Under - Do you like sysadminshare?  tab  - choose Facebook or Twitter or G+ or RSS to follow sysadminshare. Choose any of the one resource.
4. Then send a mail to - "" with  below message 


  " Hi , I have subscribed sysadminshare using my email id - "your email id".  Please send me the Guide - "Guide name"  to my email id - "ur email id"

Thats it ..then i will send you the guide to your mail box.

This is just for support and encourage me and my blog . I will mail you the guides for free of cost only.

Thanks for your visit and support. Expecting your valuable feedback to improve my site content and quality.

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