Linux Interview Q & A

Linux Interview Question & Answers

PART 1:  Click Here For Answers

1.Explain Booting Procedure?

2.What is stage 1.5 Bootloader ?

3.How will you reinstall GRUB?

4.How to resolve boot issue in linux? (or)  What kind of issues you faced at the time of booting?

5.How to reset root password or recover root password

6: What is super Block and how will u recover it ?

PART 2: Click Here For Answers

7. What is hard link and soft link? How to create symbolic link?

8. What is INODE ? How to reduce inode utilization?

9. What is HARD and SOFT mount in NFS ?

10. Explain NFS mount options ?

11. CPU states in TOP or Explain o/p of TOP command

12. How to check architecture of Linux server OS?

PART 3: Click Here For answers

13. What is swap ? Why we need swap partition?

14. How to Create / extend / remove swap partition?

15. Why does kernel need IO scheduler?

16. How to view Current Disk i/o scheduler ? How to change I/o Scheduler for hard disk?

17: How to restore the default system permission on  Linux ?

PART 4: Click Here for Answers :

PART 5: Click Here for Answer : Shell Script basic Questions


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